Beauty Secret: I Shave My Face on Purpose

I get so many questions about my skin and how it seems so healthy and even complected. In my head I’m thinking “well at the ripe age of 22, I must have it all figured out or I just have good genes.” Neither of those are true. But I do have a curious mind and a fascination of skincare products and beauty hacks which is why I’m sharing one that not even my closest friends may know, but it would be selfish of me to keep it a secret. I shave MY FACE. Yes, all of it.

Now I know most of you at this point probably think I’m crazy but read on and hear me out. Also, no, I don’t stand in a mirror with pounds of shaving cream on my face because I know that is what you’re imagining right now.

Aside from growing up as Chewbacca’s third cousin, I was well aware at an early age that I was going to be a hairy girl.  It was horrifying and even at THAT age the idea of waxing, Nair, threading, or any other painful tool freaked me out so I stuck with shaving. My thoughts on laser have changed since then but forever I will shave my face. Initially it was the “mustache shave” because I was becoming interested in guys and if I was lucky to get my first kiss mid-puberty, I could at least do my crush a solid and shave my catepillar. Am I overreacting? Probably. But of course the anxiety of facial hair grew (literally!) and I became nervous about chin hair. So yes I started shaving that too. Eventually I found myself shaving my entire face in High School not even knowing what I was actually doing.

I didn’t commit to shaving my face as much as I shaved my legs, armpits, or bikini. But I did shave once a week and not until recently did I discover the positive effects of shaving your face. I was educated about “face shaving” at a spa. I wish I could say I invented this beauty hack but it has an actual term called – dermaplaning. Dermaplaning makes your makeup go on smoother, helps even skin tone giving you a gorgeous glow, and because it’s a razor, you’re physically exfoliating your skin which is a key step for anti-aging.

Not everyone has the luxury of going to a spa just to pay an overpriced fee to get their face shaved to baby butt smooth so because I’m an “expert” (totally kidding), follow my steps below to achieve this high priced beauty treatment right at home,

  1. BUYING THE TOOLS – All you need is a face razor and use nothing else. For a quick buy, click here. You also need a type of moisturizer because at the end of the day you are exfoliating and I personally suggest coconut oil. My personal favorite is Kopari Beauty Coconut Melt.
  2. THE PROCESS – Choose a small section of your face and pull the skin tight. Begin shaving the face in a downward motion. If you see dead skin fall from your face or stuck in the razor. No worries, you’re doing it right!
  3. MOISTURIZE – Use your favorite moisturizer because after all you did just exfoliate your skin. My favorite is coconut oil because its simple, soothing, and clean, Of course the benefits are endless.

I love sharing beauty tips like this. If you have an “strange” beauty routines, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below! #RowWithM


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  1. Omg I have the same issue (hairy face) and I have never considered shaving. I’m so scared! But I also haven’t been able to really commit to anything else. I feel like I’ve tried eevveerrythingg except shaving. You’ve given me true inspo to give it a go. So for razors, do you buy mens face razors or just use the same ones you use for the rest of your body? (Like Venus?) ok I’m done Lol

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