Sephora Debuts “Weekly Wow” Sale

“I don’t like a good sale” said no one ever… especially when it comes to beauty products. I love walking down the aisles of my favorite beauty stores specifically Sephora trying products until I have successfully accumulated at least $100 worth of stuff. EVERY TIME. #RougeMember Now I am sure that I will remain a loyal customer after Sephora just unveiled their new wave of fun called “Weekly Wow.”

Sephora has announced its “Weekly Wow” as a sale series allowing a small selection of high demanded products at 50%… Mark your calendars for a weekly reminder every Thursday until death do us part. (Haha!) Once the week is over, the products will go back to its original prices and a new set of products will be rotated in. Also, it will be good to note that once the products are out of stock it may be gone for the week so make sure to check the sales as soon as they are released. This week is just a look at how fast the product is selling and its moving pretty fast so make sure to check back. Scroll to see the goodies on sale NOW! #RowWithM


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