The Denim Edit 2018

Culottes In… Straight Leg In…High Waisted In.. Wait.. Everything In

IT is still a little early to wear that spring crop outside but its never too early to talk jeans. Forever I’ve felt like one style was always in season and you had to tailor all your outfits around that one style of pants until now. Brands are showing range in the options of denim. No need to feel the pressure of fitting my food baby in the one pair of skinny jeans that barely fit and haven’t been washed in a week.

As much as most of us live in denim, its still hard to find THE style and fit that makes us feel confident the second we put them on. Rest assured, with lots of trail and error I’ve found my favorites and I can’t stop hitting the order button now. Check out some of the new pieces in my closet. If you need style inspiration, check my instagram to see how I styled my denim.

1. Dark Denim

2. Culottes

3. Patch work/ Embellished

4. Two Tone

5. Straight leg

You can buy some of my favorites below.


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