The Best Valentine’s Wishlist To Send To Your Man

Give her a Cartier bracelet so she knows it’s real. I mean, that’s on my list. Your girl can always dream.

Hello February, the month of love is upon us. Its time for date planning, red nails, and a sexy outfit for Galentine’s “AKA girlfriends Valentine” or Valentines Day.

I secretly hate the aisles of stale boxed mystery chocolates and giant feathered bears that have filled the shelves since January 1 at every store on the corner. I mean, its cute when you exchanged gifts with your high school crush after 3rd period but its old. It gets really really old. It’s 2018 people. Amazon has been created and same-day shipping is so much better than the wilted flowers from 7/11. There is no longer an excuse for not getting the best gift. Sorry boys.

Look no further, I’ve created the best wishlist for what we really want for Valentine’s Day. Feel free to share this with your girlfriends, crush, boyfriend, and everyone else who you think might want something from this list.


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