Foundations: Which one is for you?

I preach ‘your skin is your foundation’ but some days I just want to primp and play with my drawers of makeup. Now I am not stocked with shelves of foundation like Allure’s beauty counter but I have tried to enough to say I can vouch for these products.

Whether its sheer or full coverage, the perfect foundation is one that acts as a canvas for the rest of your makeup – covering imperfections and smoothing the complexion. I think we can all agree we are on the hunt for that. Well your search for the best foundation ends here — you’re welcome.

With new formulas and shades, many beauty brands have come to terms that dewy skin and no-makeup makeup are no longer a trend but the new norm for foundation. So whether you are interested in a sheer BB cream packed with skincare benefits or full coverage with sunscreen, your face will look bare and beautiful. In the best way possible.

SHEER/Light Coverage:

All hail the Ordinary for releasing a minimal but effective ingredient foundation that is perfect for the picnic you planned or to attend a football game. Also its only $6.70. I mean, add to cart.

My favorite luxury makeup brand is Giorgio Armani and their new face fabric did not disappoint for its $49 price tag. It goes on like a mousse but dries like a powder. I’m not sure how they formulated it but magic is involved. It comes in 12 different shades.

Medium Coverage:

For someone who is combination, I am typically either sheer or full coverage because medium coverage just seems to slip right off my face until I met Chanel. It’s a bit pricey but a little goes a long way. Buy it here

Full Coverage:

Now when it comes to full coverage, you are going to pay a high price. Most that prefer full coverage, wear it everyday so I suggest investing in a good safe product. These are the best of the best. Price range from $46-$65.



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