Inside Marissa Row: I Vow To Make My Bed Every Day

When I had the idea to write this post, I definitely didn’t foresee myself getting the flu to start the year. I’m currently in the fetal position in my bed with a heating pad trying to meditate myself back to health so it is safe to conclude that day one of 365 did not go as planned according to the title.

Year after year we are pressured to gather our thoughts and decide what the hell did we do wrong? Also how can we make it better? In reality we did a lot right to get here because a lot of people didn’t make it this far. Now I am not just saying stop and be content; set goals for yourself and achieve them but don’t let the new year stigma make you start today. Start when you’re ready. Clearly today I’m not ready to make my bed or get out of it but my New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to make my bed every day.

At this point, you either think I’ve been a brat for 23 years and I’ve never made my bed or I am a slob who has no sense of cleanliness. If you’re considered either of those here’s a video on how to make your bed. Now onto the real reason as to why I made this “simple” resolution. In 2017, I decided to live out my dream to become a blogger. The dream really hit when I woke up and realized I’m already at work. It all sounds great until you realize you have no motivation to get out of bed and actually work. Sure, I could make the excuse that I was sending emails all day but I am not. I am scrolling through Instagram on a bigger screen until my eyes shut again. Not everyone is built to work from home. There are lots of temptation and distractions that could get you away from a good days work but I decided my biggest struggle starts first thing in the morning. I can’t get out of bed. I thought that is what it meant to work from home. Gosh, was I wrong! I hate the 9-5. Before I was even legal to work, I declared that the corporate life was not set for me. I do my best in environments that are constantly evolving. I need change.

Bu the change I needed is right underneath me. Now I have no choice. I made a promise to myself. I also listened to a podcast recently and it said “changing the little things in your routine will make a huge difference in the long run.” With making the slightest change, I know how much my productivity will increase because I no longer will have the choice to get back in bed. I love the way my room looks when it is clean so I know I will not want to mess it up before it is time for bed again.

Your resolution may not be the same as mine but I recommend you take the next steps to answer for yourself what you could do to reach your goal. Don’t always think so broadly. Let’s think small and find one thing in your routine you are going to change this month that will lead you to a better self. Comment your “next step” in the comment section below. Happy New Year Guys!


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  1. Alexia says:

    I have yet to find a blogger that I like! That’s grabs my attention. You did that for me. I love your instagram. It’s aesthetically pleasing, cozy. It has all the right vibes. For your blog page it’s really refreshing to read in the morning. Something I can’t wait to read. Yes I do have the same trouble. I’m so toasty in my bed. The thought of getting up isn’t fun for me. But I do it anyways because I have goals I need to reach. I never imagined simply making your bed could be a goal. That is where everything starts. Thank you!!

    • marissarow says:

      OMG! You have no idea how much your comment made me smile. I am making a promise to myself to get more content out on the blog in 2018 so I hope you’ll enjoy the future post.

      Regarding the bed, January has now ended and I am still going strong on my resolution. It has really helped my mindset and motivated me. Who knew something so simple could help!

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