I am the one who walks into any beauty store and heads straight for the skincare aisle before delving into the shelves of makeup. I believe that your skin should be your foundation. Now I’m not saying skip foundation although personally I rarely use it. But seriously… think about all the ads for foundation you see and they sell you on the “same pitch, same promise” yet we are still all on the search for the perfect foundation.

Years ago if you would have asked me to purchase a $60 moisturizer, I would have kindly asked for a sample to ‘try out’ and ended up in the check out line with $60 foundation. Oh, the irony of good marketing. I felt like I needed foundation and now I’m not sure if I own one with a suitable expiration date. Regardless if you wear no makeup or wear a full face for a tampon Target run everyone needs a good skincare regimen. Check out below some of my favorite skincare products I’ve used and my exact regimen I am using now for summertime.


To get started I wash my face with PanOxyl Daily Acne Face Control wash – it has 10% benzoyl peroxide which is quite powerful and effective. Next I like to use a gentle cleanser so I’ve chosen Honest Beauty Refreshing Clean Gel Cleanser. Just to make sure I have gotten all the makeup off I will use La Prairie Cellular Cleanser Water with a clean cotton pad. I follow with a botanical mist by May Lindstrom (it smells soooo good!!!). If I happen to break out, I add a step and use iS Clinical Active Serum – I’m not sure what these magical drops are made of but overnight my pimples nearly disappear if not skrink 50%. Even though my skin is oily, I still use a face oil and I will soon do a post on the benefits and which one is right for your skin but for now I will share my current favorite which is KORA Organics Noni Glow. I’m obsessed. Lastly, I lock in the oil with a good moisturizer and you can’t go wrong with French pharmacie so I interchange Eau Thermale Avene Skin Recovery Cream or Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate. If you happen to try any of the products or have any favorites in your skincare regimen, let me know! #RowWithM


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