What Skincare Products I’m Obsessed With Right Now

After I learned my lesson that there is no simple ‘quick fix’ to skin blemishes with my sensitive skin, I had to really buckle down and learn what products I was putting on my face. In doing my research, I’ve found two amazing things which has lead me to share my favorite things in skincare right now. Again, let me emphasize that nothing will heal or go away overnight. Don’t fall for that $5 extra marketing strategy but once you get a good regimen you wont even worry about blemishes.

My first secret to finding the best skincare products is Beauty Counter’s ingredient glossary. It literally has every term that looks foreign to me and breaks down exactly what the compound is and how it can affect your skin, PLUS what skin type it would look best with. Now I know this sounds like a lot of work but your skin and wallet will thank you.

Beauty Counter Ingredient Glossary

MY TIP: find the products online first, browse the ingredients, and then go to a Sephora and request a sample or to simply try out the product yourself because if you’re anything like me you like to ‘feel out’ the product.

My next tip is utilize all the free sources online from professionals. I have a favorite skincare esthetician and her name is Shani Darden. You can follow her on instagram where she gives a ‘Skin Tip of the Day’ and it is truly so so so so so helpful. Did I mention it was helpful. Her instagram is @shanidarden. You won’t regret this either. Here are a few screenshots of her instastories that I had to save for reference.


After learning my lesson these are now my favorite products to use right now. Shop the items in my beauty cabinet that I love. I hope you love them too.

Xx, Marissa Row


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