The Podcasts that I love listening to…

Confession: I’m obsessed with podcasts

In the era of streaming, podcasts have taken over media charts by storm due to its accessibility and convenience. If I date back to my first streaming days, it was mostly sermon audios produced by my church. I grazed the thought of how cool it was to be able to not miss a Sunday sermon while I was out of town but I never imagined the space podcast holds today in my everyday life. Here I am just a few years later subscribed to over 30 podcasts ranging from meditation to entrepreneurship.

Podcasts make any passing time feel like a flash of light because you are taken on this journey that engrosses you so much. The days of dreading traffic jams or long lines at the grocery stores are no longer here.

I owe a lot of my learning to podcasts. Productivity increases because you are stimulating your brain even if you are listening to the podcast dedicated to bashing our exes.. listen to The Guys We F*cked. You’ll appreciate the tip later when you can’t breathe you are laughing so hard.

I have taken in so many lessons this year and one of the biggest lessons I rediscovered was learning how to utilize my time. A podcast a day was my goal and now I listen on average 2-3 podcast a day. I encourage you to find one you like and challenge yourself. Whether its when you are getting ready, on your long work commute, or walking across campus, take my Podcast A Day In May challenge and tell me how it improves your life.

To get you started on the track, I am here to suggest some of my favorite podcasts that I am listening to right now.

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso – If you have ever read the book Girlboss, you will be obsessed with this podcast. It’s like the extensions of the great read as she interviews many badass women killing it in every industry you could imagine.

Self-Service With Jerico Mandybur – A subnetwork from Girlboss radio is Self-Service. From astrological weekly reading to tarot cards, this is the podcast for anyone interested in understanding beyond the stars.

The BOF Podcast – From the reinvention of Gucci to the beauty industry mogul, Kim Kardashian West. You are invited in on conversations with the industry’s top brands and the journey of their success.

The Glossy Podcast – I’d say this is my definitely my top 3 podcast. The short one-on-one interviews are valuable and easy to consume. The host, Hilary, is really great at pulling answers and really getting the answers for retail, technology, and luxury.

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations – I grew up in the Oprah era so to be get another season of her wisdom in a different media form is a blessing. This podcast will enhance and elevate the life if anyone who listens, comprehends and embraces it.

Breaking Beauty – If you are sick of buying products that don’t work or want to find the best products on the market, this is the podcast for you. No more wasted dollars on skincare products. I mean, AMEN!

Second Life – FAVORITE. My absolute favorite podcast is hosted my Hillary Kerr. Each episode is so inspirational and a reality of most women entrepreneurs of our time. The purpose of Second Life is to tell the stories of women and how they found their true passion leading them into their “second life.”


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  1. Christian says:

    These all sound so good! I subscribed to about 80%. Podcast really have changed the way I consume information during my commutes. I used to listen to the radio every morning but now I find that I want to squeeze as much learning into my day as I can.

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